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Leading Young Adventurers
on their Exploration of Discovery

Leading Young Adventurers
on their Exploration of Discovery

Welcome to CCLA

Welcome to

At Champion Christian Learning Academy, we recognize the profound impact that well-structured early childhood experiences can have on a child’s lifelong cognitive and social abilities. Our daycare program is designed to provide a nurturing environment that supports the holistic development of young minds.

Our approach focuses on creating a supportive atmosphere where children can thrive and explore their full potential. We prioritize activities that stimulate sensory development, language acquisition, and communication skills. Through age-appropriate curriculum and engaging experiences, we aim to enhance each child’s cognitive abilities and prepare them for future academic success.

What sets us apart as the Optimal Choice

In the realm of daycare options, what distinguishes us as the optimal choice are the key pillars that define our commitment to your child's growth and well-being. Firstly, our team comprises passionate and experienced professionals who prioritize creating a supportive and enriching environment.

Our daycare stands out for fostering a sense of community, encouraging positive interactions among children and building a foundation for strong social skills. By choosing us, you are opting for a comprehensive and nurturing approach that sets the stage for your child's lifelong success and happiness.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to the holistic development of children, encompassing cognitive, social, emotional, and physical aspects.

We take pride in our focus on individualized attention, ensuring that each child receives personalized care that addresses their unique needs.


CCLA strives to not only prepare children for life long learning, but also to immerse them with love so that they develop a love for learning and growing. We keep Jesus as our foundation and we mold our learners into life long champions.


The mission of CCLA is to foster love of learning and lay groundwork for success.CCLA provides stimulating learning experiences that promote social/emotional, physical and cognitive development.We provide support, resources, and encouragement for our families.


ALL children can learn and grow in a safe encouraging environment. At CCLA, learning will happen through positive relationships, exploration, and experiences. We provide personalized and developmentally appropriate programs for children AND their families.

Enjoyable Pastimes for Your Little One

Kind Words From Parents

Miyetta Greer
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My grand daughter attends Champion. She is 1 and very advanced. She is learning so much. She comes home singing and talking about her teachers by name. So pleased with her progress. Thank You!
Michael Williams
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My daughter loves Champion Christian Learning Academy and so do I! Each day, they provide a wide range of activities for the students! My daughter has learned tons in the short time she has attended.
Kimberly Roach
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I love Champion Christian Learning Academy! As a mother, one of the hardest decisions you have to make is where to send your children to school. You want a place with integrity, teachers who care, a place where they can grow and most importantly a place where they are safe.